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Mostly filled with local documentaries, the DVD selection is something that the museum offers to help interested individuals get a more visual depiction of Southwestern Virginia history.


Appomattox 140th Anniversary

Description: Appomattox, Virginia. The 140th Anniversary of the Surrender of General Robert E. Lee to Abraham Lincoln, and the end of the founding father's dream of republican government. The end of the Conservation party, and the beginning of the glory which is the inheritance of the fallen and beleaguered Confederacy. In the next three hours, you will see the three day spectacle of the 140th Reenactment unfold in all of its raw, immediate force. It is impossible to choreograph such an event as this, because the camera and the eye are forever chasing the activity, most of which is unplanned and spontaneous. THis is real life, with no second takes. Few if any of these people carry cameras of any kind. This is the first known filming of such an event, ever. With the rise to power of the red state, and the return to solid Confederate Conservative Christian values in this country, these re-enactors gather on sacred ground to commemorate the fallen ideals, men, and values which defined Conservative government which would find its last and final manifestation as the united states of the Confederacy.

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