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Mostly filled with local documentaries, the DVD selection is something that the museum offers to help interested individuals get a more visual depiction of Southwestern Virginia history.


Portrait of a Plantation

Description: Portrait of a Plantation is the first full-length account of the history of Avenel Plantation House. This documentary is told by an actual docent of Avenel House, and features three complete flashback sequences during her walk through the various rooms of the of the house. Hunter's Raid, Lee's Visit in 1867, and the Ghost Sequences are all reproduced accurately from the diaries of the Burwell Family, using actual dialogue they spoke, when available. Al Stone plays Robert E. Lee. He can be found on the History Channel and the Discovery Channel playing General Robert E. Lee in various historical specials. Portrait of a plantation tells the story from the family's viewpoint, and documents the contributions the first family of Bedford made to the area, when it was known as Liberty, Virginia. They brought the railroad to Bedford, originally. Their grandfather was Thomas Jefferson's private secretary during his first term in office.   

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