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Mostly filled with local documentaries, the DVD selection is something that the museum offers to help interested individuals get a more visual depiction of Southwestern Virginia history.


The Surrender at Appomattox

Description:The Surrender at Appomattox details the actual events between General Ulysses S. Grant and General Robert E Lee on April 9, 1865. This reenactment of the official proceedings is provided by the Federal Executive Institute for their employees. This is the first time it has been released. Freedoms Films is one of the documenters for the National Park Services. Tony Daniels is Grant, with 25 years in the role well as work with the History Channel and other films. Dave Palmer is the sanctioned Robert E. Lee at the Museum of the Confederacy at the White House in Richmond, and has done work for the BBC. This work provides great insight into the mindset of both these men.

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