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Local lore and histories that include histories of local businesses, organizations, and different groups that help give the Bedford area its unique culture.


A Dying Art III

Description: From Nineteen Eighty-One to Nineteen Ninety-Eight, a Virginia warehouse in the Town of Rocky Mount, sold more malt, yeast, sugar and Plastic Jugs than anyone wanted to count Virginia "moon" they would hold seven million gallons that were sold. Now, in Two-thousand and nine, Virginia Moonshining is in decline. Retired agent and author Jack Allen Powell has seen hundreds of illegal distilleries and helped to destroy them and thousands of gallons of untaxed whiskey. A Dying Art III unlike A Dying Art II doesn't depict the exact history of moonshining. It does reveal those who lost their lives trying to stamp out moonshining, bootlegging and whiskey running. These true stories are a Revenuer's Memories of Yesteryear's Moonshiners' history with a twist that contains some compassion and humor. It doesn't mean this is the end of moonshining by any means, because someone out there will try to out wit the law.

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