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Local lore and histories that include histories of local businesses, organizations, and different groups that help give the Bedford area its unique culture.

The Pathway Home

By: J.R. Parker



Description: This historical fiction takes the reader from the bloody battlefields of Gettysburg, through the burning of Lexington, Hunter's Raid into Liberty, the defense of Lynchburg, and ultimately to the surrender at Appomattox. Experience the war through the journal entries of a Union officer forced to participate in the destruction wrought upon Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.

Witness the disruption of life between the Peaks of Otter on the Johnson Farm as a southern woman is confronted with 20,000 Union soldiers. Through her poignant journals experience the hardships of life in the South and the Confederacy's desperate plight.

The authors' three years of historical research gives the reader an accurate depiction of both sides of the conflict and how war can bring two vastly different lives together. See history come alive through photos, period drawings and diagrams of the Johnson Farm as they are intertwined throughout the narrative.


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