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War Books

The selection of military books on the bookstore covers various topics ranging from the Revolutionary War up through the modern day conflicts and how they affected the Bedford area.

Class of 1940 The Malmedy Massacre Liberty Falling The Bedford Boys Lee's Last Casualty
The Otey, Ringgold and Davidson Virginia Artillery The Charlottesville Lee Lynchburg and Johnson's Bedford Artillery The Battles of Appomattox Station and Appomattox Courthouse April 8-9 1865 18th and 20th Battalions of Heavy Artillery 20th and 39th Virginia Infantry
2nd Virginia Cavalry 57th Virginia Infantry Ashland, Bedford and Taylor Virginia Light Artillery Remnants of War Reconstructed Yankee
Southside Virginia in the Civil War The Government Girls of WWII From Slaves to Satellites A girls life in Virginia before the war Confederate Treasure Coverup
Bedford Goes to War Revolutionary War Pensions The Longest Year Civil War Ghosts of Virginia Peter Lee Huddleston
Battle of Lynchburg,VA

The war in Southeast Virginia 1861-65

The Nugen Boys of Iowa

 34th Virginia Infantry
 Our War



Civil War Tales
The Truth about Slavery